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RE/MAX Property Management understands that property is a tangible asset and that property management is the engine of property ownership and occupation. Property ownership also entails the day to day responsibility for matters such as repair, lease agreements, owners’ associations... etc. RE/MAX Property Management will make sure that your targets are met and that any risks are identified and managed effectively.

RE/MAX Property Management provides tailor made property management solutions catering to a diverse selection of needs. We work with landlords and developers in setting and implementing a bespoke strategy for the management of property assets on a portfolio base.

Energy Conservation

RE/MAX Property Management will advise the landlord on energy conservation systems for the property, and oversee the implementation of technologies to limit wasted energy.


RE/MAX Property Management will prepare complete budget for all the services required to ensure smooth and cost effective operation for the property.

Facilities Management

RE/MAX Property Management will provide complete solutions for all aspects related to the operation of the property including BMS, security, MEP services, landscape, cleaning… etc.

On site Management

RE/MAX Property Management will assign a dedicated property manager to manage the building from an office allocated in the property itself.

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