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Whether you are in the country and don’t have time to look after an investment property, or you live abroad and are in need of a reputable property management company, you can be assured that RE/MAX Property Management will take care of your property, inside and out.

We have introduced a wide range of value added services to ensure complete peace of mind to our valued clients.

Payment of tax

RE/MAX Property Management will make all tax payments related to the property or the lease on your behalf to the tax authority.

Pre handover inspection

One of RE/MAX Property Management trained inspections officers will attend the inspection either in conjunction with the buyer and the developer’s representative, or for those buyers based overseas, we can attend the inspection on behalf of the buyer without the buyer presence.

Collection Of Keys & Completion Certificate

Providing you have completed your final payments along with any other fees due and payable to the developer prior to handover, in addition to our Pre-Handover Inspection Service, RE/MAX Property Management will assist in the collection of keys and the completion certificate from the developer.

Defect Liability Inspection

Defect Liability Period inspection can be conducted prior to the expiry of the warranty provided by the developer/contractor. Often defects will only become apparent once the property has been resided in. Normally minor water leaks and poorly functioning doors or windows, can take some time to become apparent. In most cases the repair of wall cracks due to the building settling will be covered by the contractor. RE/MAX Property Management can detect and resolve these problems prior to the expiry of the warranty.

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