Egypt’s Monorail Project

The Largest Transportation Project Linking Greater Cairo with the New Cities

December, 2022

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Within the framework of Egypt’s plan to establish new cities to cope with its population surge and secure housing for young people, it directed its attention towards building the Monorail Project, the first of its kind in Egypt which represents a major shift in the public transportation sector as it will link Greater Cairo with the newer cities and facilitate the movement of citizens, employees, and expats.

The Monorail Project in Egypt & Its Benefits

The monorail is a kind of railway that balances on one rail and moves on a concrete beam. It operates without a driver and runs on electricity. In 2019, the National Authority for Tunnels signed a contract for a period of 30 years with Bombardier Transportation, Orascom Construction, and the Arab Contractors to build the monorail project in Egypt, which is set to be one of the longest monorail systems in the world extending at a total length of 96 km.

The monorail is characterized by how modern, safe, sustainable, and fast it is in comparison to other trains and the Cairo Metro. It is considered one of the clean means of transportation that complies with eco-friendly standards, as it saves fuel consumption and reduces environmental pollution because it does not produce any exhaust. In addition, it reduces congestion in the main axes and roads, facilitates movement from east to west Cairo, and transports around 45,000 passengers per hour. The monorail also has screen doors between the train and the passengers on the platform to maintain their safety. It also has safe passages between each vehicle in the train to facilitate passengers’ movement in the train and assist in emergency evacuations.

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What are the Stations of the Monorail Line?

The project consist of two monorail lines; the East Nile line (New Administrative Capital line) and the West Nile line (6th of October line).

New Administrative Capital Monorail Line

The New Administrative Capital Monorail Line will start from the Stadium station of Cairo Metro Line 3 to the City of Justice Station in the New Administrative Capital. It extends over 56.5 km, linking Greater Cairo with the new urban cities in the east. This line has around 40 trains that transport passengers daily from Cairo and Giza to New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital in about 60 minutes, and is expected to open in the beginning of 2023. The monorail line includes 21 stations which are:

(The Stadium - Hisham Barakat - Noury Khattab - The Seventh District (Al Hay Sabea) – The Free Zone – El Mosheir Tantawy - Cairo Festival City – El Choueifat - Air Force Hospital – Al Narges Neighborhood - Mohamed Naguib - The American University in Cairo (AUC) - Emaar – Al Nafoura Square (Fountain Square) – Al Barwa - Middle Ring Road (2nd Ring Road) - Mohamed Bin Zayed - Regional Ring Road – Al Masa Hotel – Ministries District – New Administrative Capital).

6th of October City Monorail Line

The 6th of October Monorail Line will start from Mohandessin District to the 6th of October City, and will intersect with the high-speed train as well as trains coming from Upper Egypt at the Bashtil Station. It extends over 42 km and has around 30 trains that transport passengers in about 45 minutes. It is expected to be completed by February 2023 and open to the public by the mid-2023. The monorail line includes 13 stations which are:

(Bashtil – Wadi Al-Nile - Ring Road - El Marioutia, Al Mansouria, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Hyper One, Juhayna Square, New Urban Communities Authority, El Hosary Square, Dar Al Fouad, The Industrial Zone in the 6th of October City, Engineers Syndicate Station in 6th of October (High-Speed Railway (El-Alamein – Ain Sokhna)(.

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Will the Monorail Project Affect the Real Estate Sector in Egypt?

The monorail project will not only serve the public transportation sector in Egypt, but will also have a significant effect on the real estate market in the areas it will pass through which it will help revive and transform into an attraction point for many Egyptians and foreign investors. In addition, it will encourage more people to move to the newer cities which will no longer be considered far from Greater Cairo. This will benefit the Egyptian economy in general and the real estate sector in particular.

It is clear that the monorail project will create a boom in Egypt and will push it to compete with European countries. If you want to buy or rent a property in the areas the monorail will pass through, contact RE/MAX Egypt by calling 16088 or contact us here.