New Abu Qir City

The First Egyptian City Built on an Artificial Island in the Mediterranean Sea

December, 2022

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Egypt is always seeking to build new cities for the purpose of expanding urban spaces, overcoming the population density in Egypt, and reducing congestion in older cities. It already started building 4G Cities, such as the New Administrative Capital, New Alamein City, New Mansoura City, and New Nasser City in West Assiut, and is now directing its attention towards building 5G Cities.

5G Cities are smart cities built using information technology. Transportation, security systems, and temperature and weather monitoring are all being built and set up using the Internet of Things Technology (IoT). In comparison to 4G Cities, the internet in 5G cities will be 10 times faster, with a downloading speed of up to 360 megabytes per second. It is worth noting that these cities will apply the concept of urban governance and urban development, and use smart technology and sustainable architectural design in the buildings’ construction. Moreover, eco-friendly and low-cost soil materials will also be used in the construction. Among these 5G cities is the New Abu Qir City in Alexandria. To learn more about the city’s latest news, we interviewed Mr. Mohamed Kabary, Broker Owner of RE/MAX Top Agents in Alexandria.

New Abu Qir City

The New Abu Qir City will be established under President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives as part of the integrated development plan for upgrading the governorate of Alexandria. According to Mr. Kabary, this new city is considered the first 5G City to be built on an artificial island in the Mediterranean Sea, specifically in the east of Alexandria. It is also located near Abu Qir and Al Mamurah.

He stated that Etimad Holding, a UAE Company, is carrying out the infrastructure of this new city in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities and some local private companies, including El Hazek Construction, Egy Drill, Concord Engineering & Contracting, and Samcrete Egypt. In addition, some international companies will also be participating in its construction, such as Hill International, WATG, and Van Oord.

Mr. Kabary pointed out that the aim of establishing this city is to reduce the pressure on neighborhoods in eastern Alexandria and facilitate the movement of citizens and vehicles. In addition, the government seeks to turn this new city into an investment magnet and a commercial center and add urban space to Alexandria.

He added that this new city will include Abu Qir Port, the largest seaport on the Mediterranean with an area of 985 acres, which will improve maritime transport in Egypt. In addition, it will be home to the largest beach on the coast of Alexandria with an area of 385 acres and with a wave breaking or breakwater barrier of 9 km. It is worth noting that this city will also have high towers overlooking the Mediterranean coast similar to those in Dubai. This city will resemble Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai and the Maldives.

He stressed that what distinguishes this new city is the presence of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) implemented by the German-based company “Siemens”, with a speed of 250 km per hour that passes through the new Abu Qir Port. The train will start at the New Abu Qir Port and end at the West port Said Port, passing through Damietta, New Damietta, Gamasa, New Mansoura, Baltim, and Idku.

Abu Qir Bay

Phases of Construction

Mr. Kabary explained that reclaiming land from the Mediterranean Sea started in February 2021, and the actual planning of this new city was carried out in 2022, with an area of 1,400 acres. The work in this new city is in progress to be built in several phases, which are:

Phase 1: Preparing the city site for excavation operations using the most advanced methods.
Phase 2: Backfilling the excavated areas and laying the foundation of the seaport infrastructure.
Phase 3: Constructing a breakwater barrier of 9 km, installing support layers, and drilling deep in the Mediterranean Sea to expand the new Abu Qir port.
Phase 4, 5, and 6: Constructing many parts of the port, which will be the largest seaport in the Middle East.
Phase 7: Constructing residential and service buildings such as hotels, residential towers, educational institutions, hospitals, treatment and health centers, pharmacies, clubs, malls, restaurants, and touristic attractions. All these advanced facilities and services will show that the New Abu Qir City is built based on modern technology.
Mr. Kabary stressed that this new city is expected to be completed by 2024.

New Abu Qir Alexandria

How Will New Abu Qir City Affect the Real Estate Market in Egypt?

Mr. Kabary explained that the New Abu Qir City will significantly impact the real estate market in Egypt in general and the market in Alexandria in particular. This city, which will be similar to and on the same level as major cities worldwide, will have all types of high-level real estate units, including residential properties, such as villas and apartments, and commercial properties, which will attract Egyptian and foreign investors who are looking for a valuable investment opportunity. It is expected that the volume of investments will increase even more after the completion of the huge New Abu Qir Port. Egypt’s direction towards establishing this new city is considered a good decision as it will bring great returns to Egypt and will flourish the market in Alexandria, especially after the overall increase in prices that the country has been witnessing resulting from the devaluation of the Egyptian pound against the dollar.

The New Abu Qir City is the first Egyptian city that will be entirely built on an artificial island in the Mediterranean Sea. It includes Abu Qir Port that will improve the maritime transport in Egypt. It is worth noting that this city will greatly impact Egypt commercially and economically, and will attract foreign investors to invest in this new city. If you want to know more information about this new city, contact RE/MAX Egypt by calling 16088 or contact us here.