Sustainable Cities in Egypt

Their Role in Limiting Climate Change

November, 2022

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In line with Egypt’s efforts in addressing the threat of climate change, it established the Central Unit for Sustainable Cities and Renewable Energy in 2014 to provide green sustainable urbanization standards in the existing cities and the cities to be built in the future. This is one of the biggest Egypt 2030 objectives to achieve sustainable development.

Sustainable Cities & Their Characteristics

Sustainable cities are eco-friendly and green; enabling the achievement of a safe and healthy lifestyle. In these cities, clean and renewable energy such as wind and solar energy are used instead of non-renewable resources, such as electricity and fuel. The vegetation is maintained during the building’s construction, pesticides are controlled, and rainwater is used for irrigation. These cities have a waste recycling system that reduces pollutants. Consequently, carbon dioxide and organic compounds are reduced; preserving the environment and limiting the bad effects of climatic change.

sustainable city

What About Sustainable Cities in Egypt?

Recently, Egypt has started to implement Sustainable cities. It started by building Eko Resort in the North Coast and the Swiss Ranch at the 83rd km in the North Coast. Both contain eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes - usually referred to as eco-housing. Egypt has also initiated the launch of 4G Cities since 2014. These cities achieve green urban standards, such as the New Administrative Capital, El Alamein, El Galala, and New Mansoura.

While constructing these sustainable cities, developers were keen to use natural and non-toxic building materials such as recycled metals and eco-friendly concrete and use white mortar instead of cement mortar in the buildings’ finalization. In addition, they expanded green spaces to around 40-50% of the total area, use solar energy in buildings, sustainable transportation, and irrigation methods to rationalize water consumption. Not just that, they also recycle all waste and use smart lighting. Apart from these cities, Egypt also started to rehabilitate Sheikh Zayed City and Sharm El Sheikh City to make them sustainable.

United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2022 (cop 27)

Egypt is heavily shedding light on climate change, which makes the country the perfect host for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (cop 27). The conference is held annually to confront climate change which threatens the continuity of life on earth.

Cop 27 is going to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, and takes place from the 6th to the 18th of November (a duration of 12 days). This conference will bring together environmentally conscious entities from 197 countries to present climate change issues and discuss solutions to limit carbon emissions.

Egypt has unified its efforts to rehabilitate Sharm El Sheikh into becoming a sustainable city in preparation for the conference. Several projects were established: including electrically operated sustainable transportation, electric charging stations, gas filling stations, a smart eco-friendly city council building, and the central park. They are also expanding the city’s green areas.

COP 27 Climate Change Conference Sharm El Sheikh

How Sustainable Cities Affect the Real Estate Market in Egypt?

Sustainable cities offer many benefits. They improve the efficiency of energy, improve air quality, and reduce water consumption, waste, and carbon emissions. Eventually, the overall negative effects of climate change are constricted. These advantages contributed to an increase in the number of people wanting to invest their money in property there, whether as residents or realtors. Moreover, both local and international investors are seeking to invest their money in these cities.

Sustainable cities in Egypt play a great role in mitigating the bad effects of climate change. If you want to buy or rent any property in sustainable cities such as the New Administrative Capital, El Galala, or El Alamein, contact RE/MAX Egypt by calling 16088 or contacting us here.