RE/MAX Egypt Celebrates 10 Years of Success in Real Estate

A Historical Night at Abdeen Palace

March, 2023

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RE/MAX Egypt is celebrating 10 years of success in the real estate market in Egypt; 10 years of success achieved by the efforts exerted by every member of its network, 10 years of building a great history that is drawing the future of upcoming generations, 10 years of changing the way real estate is done worldwide, 10 years of changing entrepreneurs’ lives, 10 years of providing agents with unlimited career opportunities, 10 years of helping clients find their ideal home, and 10 years of being the first real estate franchise brand in the Egyptian market.

The company is not only celebrating 10 years of success in Egypt, but it’s also celebrating 50 years since the inception of the RE/MAX brand in Denver, Colorado, USA that quickly grown to become a worldwide leader in real estate. In honor of RE/MAX Egypt’s 10th anniversary, the company held a one-of-a-kind celebration February of 2023, where it invited everyone who participated in its success and growth.

In honor of those 10 years, the company was keen on choosing a unique historical place to host its celebration; Abdeen Palace, considered one of the most royal palaces and architectural masterpieces that Egypt is proud of. Just as Abdeen Palace witnessed great historical events in Egypt, it also became a place that allowed the company to celebrate and reminisce the history of RE/MAX Egypt and the success it achieved in Egypt’s real estate market.

abdeen palace museum

This historical event was attended by RE/MAX Egypt’s superheroes, including the company’s franchise owners, agents, teams, team leaders, and staff members. And let's not forget to mention Mr. Nathan Chip Brekken, Director of Global Development at RE/MAX LLC, who joined all the way from the USA to participate in the event. The event was also attended by representatives from the Arab Bank, the exclusive sponsor of the event.

It was an unforgettable event for all attendees who gathered together for the Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner. The event also included an exclusive tour of Abdeen Palace for the franchise owners who with the help of a tour guide delved deep into its history and artistic masterpieces. And what a special and historical night it was!

re max egypt

RE/MAX Egypt’s Achievements Over the Past 10 Years

In just 10 years RE/MAX Egypt has greatly developed and expanded its network; becoming one of the largest and fastest-growing networks in Egypt in which it has succeeded in helping more than 40 offices in 7 different governorates, namely Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Dakahlia, Assiut, Red Sea, and Damietta. It is also the largest real estate network in Egypt with more than 800 highly-trained professional real estate agents. It is also worth noting that RE/MAX Egypt has continued to achieve remarkable success in volume of sales year after year regardless of any market challenges such as COVID. During 2022, it succeeded to achieve 8 billion Egyptian pounds in volume of sales.

A video was displayed during the event about the company's achievements over the past 10 years and how the RE/MAX model changed the life of so many franchise owners and agents for the better. you can watch the following video:

Mr. Khaled Nasser, Regional Director of RE/MAX Egypt & UAE, stated during this historical event “despite all of our differences, we have achieved remarkable success together. Everyone did his best and worked hard, with all sincerity and honesty, for the sake of this company. This was the main reason behind our success in Egypt over the past 10 years”.

He explained that from his point of view, “real success does not lie in receiving an award or in selling the largest number of properties in a short period of time, but in our ability to face the difficulties and challenges of this industry, satisfy our customers’ needs, develop ourselves and our business continuously, in addition to maintaining our good reputation and credibility that encourages people to always deal with anyone associated with the RE/MAX brand. Finally, real success lies in market leadership and acquiring the largest share of the Egyptian real estate market.”

He added “the real estate market is always changing, so we must keep up with all these changes and never stop learning or develop ourselves to be able to meet our customers’ needs and to stay ahead of the Egyptian real estate market. We are always providing continuous training to develop everyone’s skills and lead them to a better future. These vital and fundamental trainings help our real estate agents understand the basics of the real estate industry and provide them with the necessary skills that will empower them to be professionals and experts. They also help franchise owners acquire the necessary skills that helps them manage their offices in the most effective way to ensure its thriving success and growth.”

He ended his speech by saying “RE/MAX was just an idea and a dream, but after its success in the USA for 50 years and in Egypt for 10 years, it has become a reality we are all living today. Our success will not stop here, but we will continue to write our success story and history in the coming years”.

Khaled Nasser Regional Director of RE/MAX Egypt & UAE

Mr. Khaled Nasser

Regional Director of RE/MAX Egypt & UAE

Awards Ceremony

This historical night could not pass without celebrating everyone’s success in the past 10 years. At first, awards were distributed in honor and appreciation of those who exerted tremendous efforts to build and support the brand. Then it was time to honor the offices, agents, and teams who achieved the highest volume of sales in 2022.

The top winners of the night in volume of sales were Team Amr Essam from RE/MAX Avalon in Alexandria who claimed the title of “Top Team of the Year 2022” for the fourth consecutive year, and Mr. Nader Sobhy from RE/MAX Capital Properties in Heliopolis, the youngest real estate agent in the history of RE/MAX Egypt, who claimed the title of “Top Agent of the Year 2022” for the very first time. In addition, RE/MAX Avalon in Alexandria claimed the title “Top Office of the Year 2022” for the third time.

Top Real Estate Agent RE/MAX Capital Properties

Top Agent of the Year 2022

Mr. Nader Sobhy - RE/MAX Capital Properties

Top Real Estate Team Amr Essam - RE/MAX Avalon

Top Team of the Year 2022

Team Amr Essam - RE/MAX Avalon

Top Real Estate Office RE/MAX Avalon

Top Office of the Year 2022

RE/MAX Avalon

It was such a great and historical night that gathered the entire network of RE/MAX Egypt together to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Congratulations to every member who participated and had a major role in building the brand. The success and growth of the brand was because of them. Here’s to many more years of success and growth. If you want to join RE/MAX Egypt as a real estate agent, or if you want to own a RE/MAX franchise, contact us by calling +202 2269 2004 or contact us here.

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