Important Steps You Need to Follow Before Buying an Apartment in Egypt

November, 2023


If you’re planning to buy an apartment in Egypt, you should be careful with taking specific procedures to help you with your choice. Keep in mind that choosing a perfect apartment from among the various options available is not an easy task. Hence in this article, we will present you with some basic advice that will help you choose the perfect home for you.

We will review the most important precautions and steps that must be taken into account before buying an apartment in Egypt, in addition to the documents required before signing contracts and registering them in the real estate registry. We will also provide you with the legal details when purchasing and signing an apartment ownership contract, to ensure that you avoid any possible issues or fraud related to purchasing new real estate.

The most important procedures to take before purchasing an apartment to ensure the quality and legality of the property:

1) You must first do your research and look at many units and make a comparison between them to choose the most suitable one for you. After settling on the best apartment, start taking the actual purchasing steps.
2) Work on verifying the age of the residential building, its condition, surrounding services, attached facilities, and its maintenance schedule.
3) Ensure the presence of the necessary infrastructure such as electricity, water, sanitation, and landline phone cables.
4) Ensure that the purchased unit does not infringe on state property and that building permits are issued by a competent authority. Also, verify the number of authorized floors to avoid any order of removal that the property may be exposed to in the future.
5) Avoid relying on the building’s engineering drawing only and inspect the property directly to verify its actual area.
6) Check maintenance policy: Make sure there is an effective maintenance policy to keep the property in good condition in the long term.
7) Calculate additional costs: Consider additional costs such as monthly maintenance fees, taxes, insurance, and utilities.
8) Verify the reputation of the real estate developer: Verify the reputation of the developer by searching for previous projects that have been undertaken and ensuring the quality of construction and completion in previous projects.
9) Choose the location carefully: Make sure the location meets your needs and is convenient in terms of access to basic services such as schools, hospitals, shops, and public transportation.

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How to properly secure the apartment purchase process:

Several important steps and legal procedures must be taken. Some legal advice must be taken into account to avoid being deceived during the purchasing process. These steps are:

● Request to see the apartment ownership documents from the seller and review them carefully, verifying the validity of the power of attorney and ensuring that it is registered in the relevant notarization office, in addition to ensuring that the title deed is registered and all specifications of the apartment are clarified.
● Verifying the availability of important information and documents such as utility receipts, a detailed statement of the property to be purchased, building permits, owner information, chain of ownership, ownership contracts, and property address.
● Read the terms of the registration contract carefully and ensure that all mentioned information is correct before signing.
● Verifying the validity of the real estate registration of the apartment in the real estate registry to confirm the legitimacy of ownership.
● Ensure that there are no hereditary problems if the apartment is inherited, and in the case of reliability, ensure that an official power of attorney is obtained from all heirs.
● Documents proving the chain of ownership from the original owner and the previous owners of the apartment.
● Review the apartment specifications yourself after the inspection, while avoiding buying apartments that lack electricity meters. You must obtain a copy of your electricity and gas bills from your apartment owner as part of your rights.
● Ownership contracts that confirm the legitimacy of the buying and selling process.
● Building permits issued by the relevant authorities to ensure the legality of building the property.
● Apartment utility receipts, proving payment of all fees related to shared services.

You must follow all legal procedures required to properly confirm the purchase of the property to ensure your rights as a buyer. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of obtaining an apartment that fully meets your needs and represents a good investment in the long term.

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Registering the apartment in the real estate registry:

The apartment registration process in the real estate registration authority is necessary to confirm your legal ownership of the property. In Egypt, registration is done in the real estate registry for your area in order to guarantee your legal rights and protect real estate ownership. Here are the basic steps for registering an apartment in the real estate registry:

Obtaining the necessary documents: You need to obtain the necessary documents such as the sales contract, the applicable tax payment confirmation document, and personal documents issued by the parties involved.
Visit the Real Estate Registry: After obtaining the documents, you must visit the relevant Real Estate Registry in your area and submit the required documents for registration.
Payment of fees: The applicable fees for registering the apartment must be paid to the Real Estate Registry. You can check the required amounts in advance to avoid surprises.
Registration procedures: The necessary procedures will be carried out by the real estate registration staff to confirm the official registration of real estate ownership.
Obtaining proven documents: Once you complete the registration process, you will receive a document proving your legal ownership of the apartment.

It is important to adhere to legal registration procedures to ensure that your rights as a property owner are protected. You should check the requirements of the area where the apartment is located and follow the steps specified by the relevant authorities.

Real Estate Registry

What are the official papers required to officially register real estate?

To officially register real estate in Egypt, it usually requires submitting a set of official papers to the Real Estate Registry. Documentation required may vary slightly based on the type of real estate transaction and the circumstances of the individual case. However, the official documents required usually include:

● Tax Payment Confirmation Document: Confirms payment of the required tax fees in accordance with local laws.
● Personal identification cards for both parties.
● The property data certificate is obtained from the sample registry in the governorate.
● A copy of the property registration fee payment receipt must be submitted from the city registry.
● Title deed contract.
● The initial sales contract between the two parties.
● Building license if the property is modern, following the procedures applicable in the real estate registration, such as issuing the identification statement, change form, paying fees, and the like.

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Care must be taken to obtain all required documents accurately and check the requirements of the local real estate registry to properly register the property in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. It may be best to seek legal advice from a lawyer to ensure that all legal procedures are done correctly and efficiently.

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