Investors' Services Portal

How will it Support the Real Estate Sector in Egypt?

May, 2023


In light of the economic challenges Egypt is going through, it started to pay great attention towards the real estate sector as it supports the national economy and is considered its backbone. It has already established new cities such as 4G Cities and 5G Cities, and has also made a great effort to encourage real estate investment and real estate exporting with the aim of improving the economic conditions in Egypt. In line with these efforts, it has launched the Investors’ Services Portal as a way of attracting more investments. Let's find out together everything you need to know about this portal.

About the Investors’ Services Portal

The Investors’ Services Portal is an online portal launched by the New Urban Communities Authority that offers land plots available for investment in some areas of Egypt, specifically in the newer cities. Through the portal, an investor can reserve a plot of land by creating an account on the system where he registers and submits the company’s data that he is applying through, then he submits all required documents and pays the reservation fees. If he is granted the investment opportunity, he will complete the rest of the procedures, and if he is not granted the opportunity, the reservation fees will be refunded.

It is worth noting that this portal was launched to support real estate investment in Egypt, push the wheel of investment in the newer cities, facilitate procedures for investors, and remove any obstacles that hinder the investment.

The Portal’s Investment Opportunities

The Investors’ Services Portal offers all available land plot investment opportunities in some areas of Egypt, specifically in the newer cities, including:

• Lands smaller than 5 acres used for various activities except industrial and artisanal activities. They include about 25 land plots spread across 6 of the newer cities, which are New Cairo City, Sheikh Zayed City, El Shorouk City, New Obour City, Asyut Al Gadida City, and New Minya City.
• Lands larger than 5 acres used for various activities, including industrial and artisanal activities.
• Lands that are allocated under the usufruct system for specified periods of time. The usufruct system is a legal right in which a person is given the temporary right by the owner to use the land and derive income from it without changing the purpose or designated activity of the land or causing any damages to it.
• Lands that are sold in cash or in-kind, also known as non-monetary, contributions.

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Steps for Reserving Land Plots via the Portal

1- Create an account on the portal and make sure that the e-mail is entered correctly.
2- Register the company data that the investor is applying through, noting that individual applicants are not accepted.
3- Choose an investment opportunity.
4- Submit all required documents and complete the data.
5- Pay the registration fees, which are the administrative expenses that must be paid to complete the registration process of the investment opportunity chosen. After which, a message will be sent via e-mail, including the reservation code the investor will use to pay the reservation fees.
6- After paying the reservation fees, the financial bid form is printed, and placed in a financial envelope, submitted at the authority’s headquarters in the Government Administrative District in the New Administrative Capital.
7- After the offering period comes to an end, the application will be reviewed, and if there are any notes on the application or any other documents needed to be submitted, a message will be sent to the investor via e-mail within two business days to fulfill the remaining requirements.
8- If the investor gets the investment opportunity, he will complete the rest of the procedures, and if he does not get it, the reservation fees will be refunded.

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The Investors’ Services Portal will greatly affect the real estate sector in Egypt and will help increase real estate investments, whether inside or outside of Egypt, which will positively affect the Egyptian economy. If you want to know more about this portal,click here, and if you have any questions regarding this portal, visit this page, If you want to invest in a property in Egypt, or in any of the newer cities in particular, contact RE/MAX Egypt by calling +202 2269 2004 or contact us here.