One of the Biggest Deals in RE/MAX Egypt’s Network in 2023

Winning & Achieving Success Together

June, 2023

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We are proud to announce the closing of one of the biggest deals in RE/MAX Egypt’s network during 2023, which took place between two of its offices: RE/MAX Capital Properties in Heliopolis, who represented the buyer, and RE/MAX 1st Choice in Heliopolis, who represented the seller.

It was a great deal that brought the offices of Mr. Hany Sobhy, Broker Owner of RE/MAX Capital Properties, and Mr. Gamal Farah, Broker Owner of RE/MAX 1st Choice, together to achieve such a record breaking accomplishment! Mr. Hany Sobhy said, "This deal which was done in cooperation with RE/MAX 1st Choice was the largest of its kind for our office in 2023, noting that this was considered the first resale deal for us as our office was previously specialized in only primary."

How was this deal closed? And how did the two offices end up working together?

The client, who signed this deal, was a previous client of Mr. Ayman Milad, real estate agent at RE/MAX Capital Properties, whom he had a strong relationship with. When the client was looking to buy a property, he contacted Mr. Milad to help him where based on his previous experience, he knew that he was a serious, professional, and trustworthy agent who would provide him with the most ideal property.

A major component that made this deal happen was the advanced technological tools and referral system available in RE/MAX, which gives support to thousands of its agents present in over 110 countries and brings together more than 800 real estate agents across 7 governorates in Egypt; allowing them to work together, send referrals, and capture as many business opportunities as possible on an international and local level. All it took was for Mr. Milad to announce his buyer request on the system. Once announced, Mr. Mohamed Adel, a real estate agent at RE/MAX 1st Choice, contacted him immediately as he had a suitable property for the client.

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Mr. Hany Sobhy, Mr. Ayman Milad, Mr. Mohamed Adel, Mr. Gamal Farah

After that, Mr. Milad arranged for a property visit with the client along with Mr. Adel, who was fully aware of even the smallest details of the property, such as its electrical and mechanical systems, available services, and location – something that Mr. Adel learnt during his past 8 years as a RE/MAX Agent through the brand’s powerful educational system and training courses via RE/MAX University.

They also mentioned that the buyer and seller were both too busy and had no time to deal with the hassle of a real estate transaction, which made them put their full trust in their real estate agents. They even met for the very first time during the signing of the contract.

The Power of Our Network

Mr. Milad mentioned that, "With the help of RE/MAX Egypt's head office, we were able to complete all the legal procedures without any problems with the buyer or seller."

Mr. Farah also confirmed that, "Had it not been for the presence of RE/MAX Egypt’s network or the teamwork between the two offices; this deal wouldn’t have been closed nor would it have ended in success. Working together under the umbrella of the RE/MAX brand helped us a lot, as we knew each other well in terms of our backgrounds and qualifications, and were following the same approach, which helped the deal run smoothly without any problems”. Mr. Milad added, "Dedication and networking are the secrets behind this deal’s success."

Mr. Sobhy ended his talk by saying, "When we work with each other in a powerful network like RE/MAX, we can all win & achieve success together!"

This success story is a powerful example that shows how united the RE/MAX Egypt’s network is, and how by working together as one team we are able to achieve unlimited success and open gateways of business opportunities.

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