RE/MAX Egypt’s Youngest Top Agent of the Year 2022

Mr. Nader Sobhy from RE/MAX Capital Properties in Heliopolis

March, 2023

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Mr. Nader Sobhy, the youngest real estate agent in the history of RE/MAX Egypt, claimed the title of “Top Agent of the Year 2022” for the very first time.

He started off his career in real estate at the age of 21 years, and despite his young age he successfully managed to achieve this great success and become the Top Agent of the Year through his hard work, dedication, and commitment. We sat down with Mr. Nader to learn more about his experience with RE/MAX Egypt and how he managed to reach this level of success.

1-How did you feel when you heard that you were the “Top Agent of the Year 2022” even though you are considered the youngest agent in the entire RE/MAX Egypt network? Did you expect this title?

Honestly, I didn’t expect this title at all. I was in a state of shock when I found out, as I always said I wanted to become the Top Agent of the Year, but I thought this goal was unachievable given that I didn’t have much experience and my age of course. I was thrilled and couldn’t believe it. To this day, I still feel like it’s a dream and it didn’t actually happen.

2-How long ago did you start working in real estate? And how did you get into this industry?

I started working in real estate as soon as my father obtained a franchise from RE/MAX Egypt, so about 2 and a half years ago, or maybe a bit less. When my father decided to take this step, he encouraged me to become an entrepreneur and start with him. I thought I was too young at that time and told him no way, but he kept pushing until he made something out of me because he believed in me and therefore made me believe in myself.

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3-The real estate field is not that easy. Why did you choose this field to start off your career?

I actually didn’t choose this career; it chose me. It might sound a bit cheesy, but this is what happened. I had no intention of working in real estate, and all of a sudden, I found myself starting this career at such an aggressive pace. If you want to make something work, you have to give it your all, and the results will come.

4-How did you achieve all of this success in a short period of time? What is the approach you followed? How do you typically deal with buyers and sellers every day?

The approach I follow with the client is what differentiates me from others. Rather than building a relationship based on the typical buyer and seller dynamic, I take the time and effort to establish a friendly relationship with each client, satisfy his needs, and find out more about them as individuals. Taking this approach has enriched my experience, as I established meaningful relationships beyond the workplace with clients that have led to long-lasting friendships. These genuine friendships have resulted in my most important source of leads: referrals, as there is nothing more reassuring to a client than previous experiences.

5- If you were asked, “Whom do you give credit for your success?” what would you say?

After God of course, I owed this success to my father because he was the one who believed in me and invested all his time, effort, and money to make me become who I am today. I learned a lot from this man, and he is the reason behind every success story in my life and work. I also owed this success to my mother, as she kept motivating and pushing me to continue even when I wasn’t able to, and to the whole RE/MAX Egypt team for their ongoing support and motivation. All these people made me the person I am today.

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6-How did the RE/MAX model help you reach this level of success?

The RE/MAX model is tailored for someone like me who is still a student and not able to be at the office from 9 to 5. It helped me manage my time and do both at the same time with no stress and worries. In addition, the trainings RE/MAX Egypt provides enhanced my communication and presentation skills, which greatly contributed to achieving this title.

7-What challenges did you face during the last period, especially with the economic conditions Egypt is going through? How did you overcome these challenges?

The main challenge I faced was my young age. People were not taking me seriously at all, but with my product knowledge, fluency, and mindset, I was able to make them invest their life savings and trust a 21-year-old man. It took a lot of time to convince people, but once they were convinced, they were amazed and took my word over any other real estate agent.

With the current economic crisis Egypt faced, I had to think outside the box and target people that had foreign currencies and wanted to invest in Egypt. With my strong PR skills, I was able to get in touch with many groups that could help me reach the potential clients I needed and motivate them to work with me.

8-What would you advise other real estate agents or those who are considering joining this field?

Everyone wants to become a real estate agent now because basic salaries are not enough to cover costs, and the commission schemes are very attractive these days; therefore, there is a strong competition in the market. My advice for someone who has just started his career as a real estate agent is to ask himself “what’s my competitive edge” or "what will I offer that thousands working in this industry don’t have”, and this is the most important factor of success.

9-What are your expectations for the real estate market in Egypt during 2023?

I expect that the real estate market will continue to boom in 2023 and will witness substantial growth in the upcoming years due to the opening of the new 4G Cities, such as the New Administrative Capital and many more. People are beginning to discover that the interest rates banks are currently giving are actually lower than the inflation rates we are experiencing daily, so they start to think about investing in real estate. I will conclude by saying real estate is the best investment.

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After our interview with Mr. Nader Sobhy and learning more about his experience, we would like to congratulate him on his great achievement and for winning the title of “Top Agent of the Year 2022” despite his young age, and we wish him many more years of success with RE/MAX Egypt. If you are interested in starting your real estate career and joining RE/MAX Egypt as an agent, contact us by calling +202 2269 2004 or visit our page on our website.