RE/MAX Egypt’s Top Team of the Year 2022 for the 4th Consecutive Year

Team Amr Essam from RE/MAX Avalon in Alexandria

March, 2023

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For the past few years, we’ve become used to hearing “Team Amr Essam from RE/MAX Avalon in Alexandria” next to the phrase “Top Team of the Year”. And we are proud to say that Team Amr Essam has successfully claimed the same title during 2022 for the fourth consecutive year. What a great accomplishment this team has achieved under the leadership of Mr. Amr Essam, who excelled in managing his team to reach this level of success. We interviewed Mr. Amr to learn more about his experience and how he managed to maintain this title and this success over the years.

1- How did you feel when you heard that your team was the “Top Team of the Year 2022” for the fourth consecutive year?

When I heard that my team was the “Top Team of the Year 2022” for the fourth consecutive year, I felt satisfied and proud because anyone who has succeeded for one or two consecutive years would want to maintain this success and would want to make sure that it was not just a matter of luck but was because of God’s grace and one’s diligence and hard work. The strongest feeling that gripped me at that moment was self-satisfaction.

2-How difficult is it, especially in the real estate field, to maintain the same title for four consecutive years? How did you and your team manage to maintain this title? And what is the approach you typically follow?

Managing to keep this title for four consecutive years is due to the plan we develop every year that qualifies us to claim this title. We start by defining and setting our goal, support it with numbers and statistics, then we discuss together whether this goal will enable us to claim this title or not, and after that we start to examine and breakdown this goal into more details. Our annual plan is the main reason why we are able to achieve the highest volume of sales of the year and remain the Top Team in the entire network for four consecutive years.

The approach I follow with the team can be deduced from the goal that I strive to achieve, which is to deliver the company’s values to the team. The most important values to me are opportunities for growth, cooperation, justice and respect. These are the values that the team members need to be satisfied with themselves and their work within the company.

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3- How did RE/MAX Egypt help you and your team to reach this level of success and growth?

RE/MAX Egypt provided us with so many powerful tools that helped us achieve this success and growth. RE/MAX’s strong brand name and large global network have helped us in attracting many clients and in promoting ourselves and our business. I also give credit to the monthly, quarterly, and annual trainings provided by RE/MAX Egypt, which have helped us gain years of experience in a short period of time and avoid many mistakes in the long run.

4- How did you develop your team's strengths and improve its weaknesses? How do you encourage a team member when he did not succeed in any real estate transaction?

From my point of view, each member is different from the other, some are better off working on developing their strengths which could have a huge impact on them if they focused on them, while others are better off working on improving their weaknesses more which could be greatly affecting their work, and if fixed could change their lives for the better.

If any team member did not succeed in his work and is frustrated or discouraged, I try to encourage him by providing all forms of psychological and technical support possible. I also remind him of the goal he wants to reach. As soon as he remembers his goal, he refocuses his mind, remembers that his situation is only temporary, and that his success is not be measured by a single situation.

5-What would you advise other team leaders or those who are considering building a team?

I advise other team leaders in RE/MAX Egypt’s network to strongly benefit from the information and the real estate portfolios the other teams possess. I also advise them to take advantage of RE/MAX Egypt’s large network, as it is the largest real estate network in Egypt with more than 40 offices in 7 governorates such as Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria, with more than 800 agents. If we all continue to work together and benefit from one another, we will dominate the entire real estate market.

6-Which is the strongest: Primary or Resale? What would you advise anyone working in real estate? And what are your expectations for the real estate market in 2023?

From my point of view, between primary and resale, neither is stronger or better than the other. Every year, one of them gets ahead of the other. For instance, during the past three years, the primary market outperformed the resale, however both markets have great opportunities that must be taken advantage of.

The real estate market in Egypt is constantly changing; making it extremely vital for all those working in the field to stay up to date with any changes, as well as study the market really well and know how to deal with clients’ changing needs.

In my opinion, I expect that the real estate market will flourish in 2023, especially with the economic conditions and the wave of inflation that the country is currently witnessing, as people will be more eager to invest their money in real estate as a way of maintaining its value and because it is considered one of the safest forms of investment. Inflation is considered a great opportunity for the real estate market to recover.

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7- What would you advise investors who are interested in investing in real estate? Do you advise them to invest in the commercial, residential, or administrative sector? Which type will achieve the highest ROI? Also do you advise them to deal with real estate consultants?

I advise those who want to invest in real estate to choose the type of sector the state is encouraging at that time, because when the state encourages a specific sector, it strongly supports it and works to increase investment opportunities in it. I also advise them not to put all their money in one type of investment, but rather in more than one type because the real estate market is constantly changing and no one knows where the next opportunity will come from.

Regarding which type of investment, I advise them to invest in residential and commercial properties, especially those that are rare and unique that won’t have a lot of competition such as commercial properties and villas, because when they decide to sell the property, they will be able to set an uncompetitive price that will help them achieve the highest ROI possible.

In addition, I advise them to deal with real estate consultants who will be able to provide them with comprehensive real estate advice, as they are highly aware of everything that is happening in the market now and in the near future. They also have enough experience to direct investors to the best opportunities available in the market based on their budget that will allow them to achieve the highest ROI.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Amr Essam and his team for all the efforts exerted that helped them reach this level of success and claim the title of “Top Team of the Year 2022” for the fourth consecutive year. We wish them more success in the coming years. If you want to start your career in real estate or build a team, join RE/MAX Egypt as a real estate agent. Contact us by calling +202 2269 2004 or visit our page on our website.