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Cases of Withdrawing Social Housing Apartments and How to Avoid Them

The Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, represented by the Real Estate Finance Fund, offers many housing units (social housing apartments) to citizens of low and middle-income through a system of payment in installments over long periods of time taking up to 20 and 30 years. Find out about the conditions of withdrawing social housing apartments... Read More


A real estate auction is one of the forms of selling real estate or land that guarantees the seller the highest possible profit rate, as everyone who wishes to buy the property or land meets through public bidding processes. Learn about the meaning of selling real estate by public auction and its detailed process in this article... Read More

Learn about the Types of Real estate Contracts in Egypt: Initial, Green, Final

Many citizens are concerned about the difference between the initial and final real estate sales contract, and the basic conditions that must be met in each of them to ensure their validity. in this article you'll find all details about the types of contracts and the exact steps for real estate registration.... Read More

Important Steps You Need to Follow Before Buying an Apartment in Egypt

If you want to buy an apartment in Egypt, you should keep in mind some basic things that will help you choose the perfect home for you. Will review the precautions that must be taken into account when buying an apartment, in addition to the documents required before signing contracts and registeration..... Read More

The Most Important Information about Investing in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital is considered one of the most important and largest real estate projects in Egypt and the Middle East. It will replace Cairo as the country's capital, which will lead to the relocation of most if not all, government institutions there. Therefore the Egyptian government seeks to implement the project to the fullest extent and to provide all the services that the city’s residents need.... Read More

Changes to Egyptian Law Allows Foreigners to Own Residential Real Estate

In light of several initiatives taken by Egypt to resolve the dollar crisis, the Egyptian government is proposing and has started taking actual measures to increase the activity of real estate exporting by giving residency to foreigners who buy real estate in Egypt..... Read More