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Investors' Services Portal How will it Support the Real Estate Sector in Egypt?

The Investors’ Services Portal is an online portal launched by the New Urban Communities Authority with the purpose of supporting real estate investment in Egypt by pushing the wheel of investment in the newer cities, facilitating procedures for investors, and removing any obstacles that hinder the investment. Let's find out everything you need to know about this portal..... Read More

The High-Speed Electric Railway Project Will Create a Paradigm Shift in Egypt’s Transportation Networks

The High-Speed Electric Railway Project is one of the large transportation projects implemented in Egypt. It will create a paradigm shift in Egypt’s transportation networks, as it will link distant cities together; the Red Sea cities with the Mediterranean Sea cities, the October Gardens neighborhood with Aswan, and Qena in Upper Egypt with Hurghada and Safaga. Let’s discover together everything about the High-Speed Electric Railway project in Egypt..... Read More

The Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital The Tallest Tower in Egypt and Africa

The Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital, the tallest tower in Egypt & Africa, will become an architectural icon in Egypt and one of the distinctive landmarks in modern history. It will attract many visitors worldwide who would want to come and see this architectural masterpiece. Let’s find out together everything about this iconic tower.... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Residential VS Commercial Investment in Egypt

In light of the current economic crises Egypt is going through and the wave of price hikes that is currently sweeping across the market, many people are choosing to invest their money in real estate, as it is one of the best and safest forms of investment in Egypt. Let’s discuss everything about residential VS commercial investment and the benefits of each.... Read More

Beit Al-Watan Project An Investment Opportunity for Egyptians Living Abroad

Over the years, Egypt has established various real estate projects that not only serve Egyptians but Egyptians living abroad as well. One of the most important projects is Beit Al-Watan. Let's take a closer look at this great project in Egypt.... Read More

New ABU QIR CITY The First Egyptian City Built on an Artificial Island in the Mediterranean Sea

Egypt is always seeking to build new cities for the purpose of expanding urban spaces. It has already started building 4G Cities and is now directing its attention towards building 5G Cities. One of which is the New Abu Qir City in Alexandria, the first Egyptian city which will be built on an artificial island in the Mediterranean Sea.... Read More