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Egypt’s Real Estate Market: What to Expect for 2024?

As Egypt gears up for 2024, its real estate sector prepares for significant transformations. Emerging trends and potential external influences offer glimpses into the impending changes, shaping a landscape where Egypt's real estate sector anticipates a pivotal shift. Let's delve into the possibilities for Egypt's real estate market in 2024, drawing insights from the significant changes that have happened in 2023.... Read More

Everything you Need to Know about Green Housing Project in 5 Egyptian Cities

The New Republic, through the Ministry of Housing, seeks to implement a pioneering project called the “Green Housing Project,” with the aim of responding to the environmental challenges and climate changes that the world is currently witnessing. Find out about Egypt’s first ever sustainable cities and developments and how to invest in them.... Read More

Investing in Egypt's Real Estate Tourism Sector

Real estate tourism is a type of real estate investment targeting tourists. Also known as real estate designed to attract tourists or foreign investors. While a touristic property is defined as a property purchased to provide tourism services. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of real estate tourism in Egypt and its importance.... Read More

Which is the Best Choice? Investing in Real Estate, Gold, or Savings Certificates?

Many are searching for the best ways to save and invest their money, especially with the increase in prices in light of the economic crisis in the country and with the increasing inflation rate. There is an important question that many want answered, which is which is better for investment? Real estate, gold, or savings certificates.... Read More

A Deeper Look into the Emirati Real Estate Investment in Egypt

Egyptian real estate has witnessed significant growth, as real estate prices have risen significantly, and the demand for real estate increased by local and foreign investors. The UAE sees in the Egyptian market significant and attractive factors that make it one of the largest markets that Emirati investment companies are keen to enter and expand...... Read More

Where Do Tourists Live in Egypt? Destination Map for Expats and Foreigners

Foreigners come to Egypt for countless reasons for Egypt is a widely touristic country for its rich heritage and exquisite nature. So where do tourists live in Egypt? Let's say it depends on why they are visiting Egypt and for how long they are planning to stay. This guide is for foreigners and expats living in Egypt to help them decide on the best areas for them to stay according to their plan and budget..... Read More