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Egypt’s Monorail Project The Largest Transportation Project Linking Greater Cairo with the New Cities

Within the framework of Egypt’s plan to establish new cities, it directed its attention towards building the Monorail Project, the first of its kind in Egypt which represents a major shift in the public transportation sector as it will link Greater Cairo with the newer cities.... Read More

Real Estate Exporting Its Role in Revitalizing the Real Estate Sector in Egypt

In the last few years, Egypt has directed special attention to exporting properties to foreigners and Egyptians living abroad to increase sales in the real estate sector. In order to support this concept, it focused on establishing 4G Cities, which are closer in standards and features to cities abroad, and it also provides many facilities to attract foreigners to invest in properties in Egypt.... Read More

Sustainable Cities in Egypt & Their Role in Limiting Climate Change

In line with Egypt’s efforts in addressing the threat of climate change, it established the Central Unit for Sustainable Cities and Renewable Energy in 2014, has been keen on building sustainable cities that achieve green urban standards, and is also hosting this year’s Cop 27 in Sharm El Sheikh.... Read More

A Revival of the Cairo Citadel Aqueduct One of the Primary Developmental Projects in Cairo

As part of Egypt’s interest in reviving historic Cairo, it is developing the Cairo Citadel Aqueduct and its surrounding areas, transferring it from a slum to one of the top touristic destinations in Egypt.... Read More

4G Cities A New Phase of Urban Transformation in Egypt

Egypt always gives special attention to urban development and seeks to build new cities which it has already started doing by creating 4G Cities, such as New Administrative Capital (NADC), New Alamein, New Mansoura, and Nasser City in West Assiut. We interviewed many real estate experts from RE/MAX Egypt to learn about the latest news in each city.... Read More

Top Real Estate Projects and Touristic Destinations in the North Coast

Being in the summer season, many people are looking for a special destination to spend their vacation and enjoy their time. The North Coast is considered one of Egypt’s most beautiful touristic destinations. In this article, we will discuss the top projects in North Coast... Read More