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RE/MAX ALMOHAGER I - l ريـ/ـماكس المهاجر 141, 90th Road
New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

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About Egypt

Mostly characterized by its one-of-a-kind location, Egypt is distinguished from any other country…for it connects Africa and Asia, and overlooks the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. It is needless to say that Egypt’s iconic Nile River is what makes it a wealthy treasure, which plays a prominent role in pushing forward the country’s agriculture. Moreover, the Suez Canal’s role in recovering the trade, and advancing the economy, is powerful.

Egypt is also known for its comfortable atmosphere and the many distinctive places and hidden gems, this includes but is not limited to, Cairo Tower, Cairo Opera House, Great Pyramids of Giza, Qaitbay Citadel, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, the Egyptian Museum, and beyond. All these features make Egypt the number 1 tourist destination for everyone.

Today, there is a large number of real estate development and investment companies in the country; constantly developing new housing projects, especially with the government’s directives to develop new cities, given the fact that the New Administrative Capital has become one of the most important real estate projects in Egypt, this is in addition to Al Galala city.

Furthermore, Egypt is also interested in developing transportation projects, as it implemented the first monorail project in the country, which represents a civilized shift in mass public transportation.

Due to the Government of Egypt’s interest in investing in the real estate field, all investors are accordingly looking forward to investing in real estate.. Egypt also encourages foreign investment, as foreigners found out that real estate investment in Egypt is their golden opportunity to achieve more profits, which in turn benefits the Egyptian economy in general, and the real estate market in particular.

Egypt’s Most Prominent Governorates

Red Sea
Marsa Matrouh