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El Maadi, Cairo, Egypt - Egypt

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About Maadi

Maadi district is one of the most famous districts located in Cairo that bring peace and liveliness together, and for that, it is considered one of the best residential places, and the demand to live there is very high. Maadi is located on the East Bank of the River Nile, which makes it unique compared to all other residential areas. It is also considered home to many luxurious hotels such as Cairotel and Sofitel and famous restaurants and shopping centers such as Maadi City Center and Carrefour Maadi. Its biggest distinguisher is that it holds the world’s first Solar Thermal Power Plant in the world.

The Maadi district is known for its elegance and beauty ever since it was built. Among its features are buildings that depict the English Architectural towers overlooking the Nile River and among them are the Sadat Academy for Management Sciences and the Maadi Public Library. It also has many embassies, International Organizations, and the Cairo American College (CAC). The compounds in Maadi have a western style architecture, which is why it is a district most preferred by Foreign Expats.

Below are some of Maadi’s prominent areas, entertainment spots, services, and types of property.

Maadi’s Prominent Areas:

Old Maadi
Specializes in its elegance and ancient style. It has numbered streets and among its most famous streets is Street 9, which is considered the most popular street in the whole of Maadi. Old Maadi also has a shopping center: ‘Grand Mall’.
New Maadi
It extends from Al-Lasilki Square to the Autostrad. It holds many petroleum companies, shopping centers, stores, and many restaurants.
Zahraa Al Maadi
It is one of the newer areas in Maadi, and it is known for many sites including Wadi Degla and the Wadi Degla Protectorate which comprises many rare fossils.
Maadi Sarayat
Known for its quietness and seclusion from crowded areas, and that goes back to its massive green spaces. It houses many International Organizations and foreign experts.
Corniche Al Maadi
It has many restaurants overlooking the Nile and all the services that might be needed by the residents. It extends from the Armed forces Hospital to the Torra Area and is split into 3 areas: Entrance 1, Entrance 2, and Torra Area.
Maadi Degla
It is known for its quietness, spacious roads, and architectural organization of its buildings. This has made it a place of interest for investors and potential buyers.

Maadi’s Hangout Spots:

Street 9:
It is considered Maadi’s most popular street, as it has many commercial stores, cafeterias, and restaurants. This makes it the perfect spot for meeting up with your family or friends.
Maadi Island:
One of the most beautiful places that can be visited in Maadi. It is located in the middle of the River Nile and has wonderful green spaces filled with flowers and various plants. There, you can ride bicycles, horses, or the ferry and tour around the river.
Maadi Grand Mall:
It is one of the oldest shopping centers in Egypt in general and in Maadi to be specific. It has many shops; satisfying the needs of countless Maadi residents.
The platform:
You will find it in the Maadi Corniche, opposing Al-Salam International Hospital. It is one of the most beautiful places where you will find clusters of restaurants and cafeterias.
Grand Café:
One of the most famous restaurants in Maadi and has many branches all over Cairo. People spend most of their time there to spend fun times and enjoy the brilliant view of the Nile.
Family Land:
It is one of the most wonderful amusement parks in Egypt. It has many rides that apply to all ages, it is also safe for children as it is a restricted area.


You can get to the Maadi District in many ways, including the Nasr Road, Ring Road, or Salah Salem. Additionally, there are several transportation methods including buses, microbuses, and the metro station for easier arrival, and transportation within the district itself and to its entertainment spots.

Services in Maadi:

Lycee Francais School
British School in Cairo
Cairo American College

Al Salam International Hospital
Cleopatra Hospital
Armed Forces Maadi Hospital
Andalusia Hospital

Shopping Centers:
Grand Mall
Carrefour Maadi

Holiday Inn

Types of Real Estate in Maadi:

There are all types of real estate in Maadi, including apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and high-end villas surrounded by abundant green spaces.

Most Prominent Compounds in Maadi:

Tijan Compound (Wadi Degla Developments)
Rayhanah Residence (Memaar Al Morshedy)
Baron City (Orientals for Urban Developments)
Maadi Grand City (Memaar Al Morshedy)
Ashgar Darna Compound (M Square)
Maadi Heights (Tabarak Holding)
Mirage Park (Hegaz Garden)
Maadi Gardens (Value)
Rayhanah Avenue (Memaar Al Morshedy)
Next Point (Next Home)
Bavaria Town (Memaar Al Morshedy)

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