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Homes and Real Estate for Rent and Sale in Zamalek, Cairo

Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt - Egypt

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About Zamalek

Located at the heart of the Nile River, Zamalek is an island between Cairo and Giza. As one of Cairo’s most affluent districts, Zamalek is known for its serenity and quietness - with tree-lined streets that are home to villas and residential buildings that date to over 100 years ago.

Back at the time, Zamalek was an enclave for diplomats, high-level officials and Egyptian aristocracy. Today, it still remains a notable place of foreign embassies; including but not limited to Austria, Ireland, India, Morocco, Finland and beyond.

Zamalek is a very popular area for expats, with many expat communities; and it is also home to world-class hotels, restaurants and fine bars. It is worth noting that Zamalek is accessible through 6th of October and 15th of May bridges, Nile Corniche, and the Ring Road. As an upscale neighborhood, Zamalek is one of Cairo’s posh locales; its historical significance emerges from the fact that it witnessed many cultural social changes the Egyptian society underwent..and with the passage of time, there has been immense importance intertwined with this island.

Not only is it a fancy neighborhood in Cairo, it’s more of a social and historical reflection of architecture and traditions that have remarkable importance. Zamalek is the perfect place to live in for those who have a thing for the vintage lifestyle, with a balance between artsy and quiet, yet near the action. With a variety of housing options for rent or sale, you’ll absolutely find your perfect spot.

Although it’s not a huge island, you'll find all the services you might need at the heart of Zamalek. If you’re interested to know more about this fascinating neighborhood, continue reading below!

Zamalek’s Prominent Areas

Abul Feda Street
Overlooking the Nile corniche, this street is home to several posh cafes and restaurants with breathtaking views of the Nile. Surrounded by stores and well-known companies, it is also home to the one-of-its-kind Fairmont Residence tower.

26th of July Street
The glamor of this street goes back to the fact that it was formerly called Fouad St. after the first king of Modern Egypt. Home to the 5-star Cairo Marriott hotel, and to a row of buildings that date back to the 30s and 40s, this street has a unique architecture and a one-of-its-kind artistic touch with modern and vintage chains of restaurants.

Brazil Street
Here is where fun meets the lively part of Zamalek; with everything you need available and a strong sense of community. With business developments and high-end retailers, Brazil Street is mostly known for being a social hub, with grocery stores, butchers, flowers, jewelry stores, a bank and so much more.

Mohamed Mazhar Street
Mohamed Mazhar st is home to a variety of housing opportunities; including apartments, villas, commercial and administrative spaces, shared rooms and medical facilities.

Zamalek’s Hangout Spots

Gezira Sporting Club
This is the largest sporting club in Egypt, located on the island of Zamalek. It is a private club with so many activities to do for fun, whether on your own, or with your friends, family or even just your pet. Here, you can go swimming, horseback riding, or any other sport you can think of..whether you’re a professional, or just having some fun.
Although Gezira Sporting Club is only accessible for members, if you know someone who has a membership, you can enter as a visitor and spend the day there with fees paid upon entry.

Cairo Marriott Hotel
This is your perfect place if you’d like to unwind for a while and spend your time in a green scenery. The 5-star Cairo Marriott Hotel has on-site amenities that you can enjoy with a unique venue and proximity to Egypt’s most famous sites, including the Pyramids, Sphinx and Cairo Tower.

Cairo Tower
The 187 meters Cairo Tower is the tallest historical landmark in Egypt, and has the most breathtaking panoramic view of the Capital. With a restaurant at the top of the tower you can enjoy a revolving view around the tower. At a height of 600 ft, Cairo’s monuments are beautifully featured from the revolving rooftop restaurant and bar.

Cairo Opera House
Cairo Opera House is an essential element of Cairo's National Cultural Centre, and is your go-to place if you’d like to enjoy a concert or a play, or even a tour in a gallery, in a performing arts venue with your loved ones.

El Sawy Culture Wheel Center
This comprehensive culture center is a “beacon of light” and a space for artistic and cultural production. With a variety of performances and concerts on a daily basis, ElSawy Cultural Wheel Center is an art hub available for all.
Zamalek’s most important cultural and artistic place brings a wide range of competitions, festivals on a daily basis.


What makes Zamalek a convenient and suitable place, is that it is a walking-friendly neighborhood, located close to Cairo’s main roads. It takes about 40 to 50 minutes to commute to and from Zamalek and Maadi, Nasr City, Rehab City and Sheikh Zayed.

You can commute in Zamalek walking if you’re seeking a nearby area, or using a taxi, Uber, Careem or InDrive. On another note, there is also a Nile Taxi available across the island.

In addition, there is Cairo Metro's 3A line that is four km long and connects four stations: one of which is Safaa Hegazy in Zamalek.

If you’re commuting with your own car, you need to know that parking can be a challenge; however there is a valet parking under each of 15th of May bridge, right in front of Diwan Bookstore; behind HSBC Abou El Feda Branch; in addition to parking spaces provide by restaurants, such as Le Pache, Nile City, etc.

Services in Zamalek

Schools and Universities
Port Said Language School
Dar El Tarbiah School
Pakistan International School
City International Schools
Millennium International Schools
El Gezirah Language School
Baby Home School
Faculty of Fine Arts - Helwan University
Hospitals and Medical Centers
Anglo American Hospital
Zamalek Center for Eye & Contact Lenses
Zamalek Medical Center
Nūn Center
Pearl Dental Care
Top Hangout Areas
Sun Mall
El Yamama Center
Tivoli White
Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino
Horus House Hotel Zamalek
Golden Tulip Hotel Flamenco Cairo
Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences
President Hotel
New President Hotel Zamalek
Om Kalthoum Hotel
Jewel Zamalek Hotel

Types of Properties

As one of the most marvelous areas of Greater Cairo, Zamalek is home to ancient apartments and villas connected with the river banks. All of the aforementioned, makes Zamalek one of the highly demanded residential areas for not only Egyptians, but expats.

With a variety of properties, from villas and duplexes to penthouses, apartments, and studios for sale or rents, there is a range of different designs and architecture styles that are available for rent and sale. The unique demographic location that is next to facilities and services is an iconic attraction point.

It is worth noting that Zamalek’s luxurious villas are mostly popular among the wealthy and high-level ones, or those who have inherited the place from their families. Zamalek's penthouses are known as the perfect option for a lot of people, this is due to the landscapes.

Zamalek properties are on the high-end, compared to the housing units available for sale or rents in other districts around Cairo.

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