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Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt - Egypt

sheikh zayed city
Sheikh Zayed

About Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed city is one of Giza’s relatively modern cities, that was named after the United Arab Emirates’ Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and was established in 1995.

It’s where peace meets modern life and an elite lifestyle, with elegance and a magnificent structure that has got all what anyone needs in one place. Sheikh Zayed city is one of Giza Governorate’s top residential areas, with a very high demand that grows by the minute. Located in the northwest of Cairo and Giza, Sheikh Zayed city is about 30 kilometers away from Cairo, 35 kilometers away from Giza, and it is very close to 6th of October City.

Sheikh Zayed city is the go-to residential place for people looking for a quiet, vibrant and safe place away from the crowd of Cairo, and has each service and every facility close to one another. Gated communities are a key element of Sheikh Zayed City, with villas, townhouses, and apartment blocks. Sheikh Zayed city is the go-to residential place for people looking for a quiet, vibrant and safe place away from the crowd of Cairo, and has each service and every facility close to one another. Gated communities are a key element of Sheikh Zayed City, with villas, townhouses, and apartment blocks.

It covers a variety of housing options, between luxurious and average, and includes many entertainment venues suitable for families, friends and working professionals. The demand to live in Sheikh Zayed city is on the rise, it is considered home to many compounds and well-known communities with world-class standards and comforting services and amenities.

It is worth noting that with the increase of crowds in Downtown Cairo and Giza, and the traffic congestion, it is everyone’s dream to move to a less dense place with spacious living spaces. If this is your case, this article is for you. Below is a glimpse of Sheikh Zayed’s city's prominent areas, entertainment spots, services, and types of property.

Sheikh Zayed’s Prominent Areas

Green Revolution
This area is considered one of the most important prominent residential ones in Sheikh Zayed city. It is home to luxurious villas and apartments and extends across Sheikh Zayed all the way to Cairo – Alexandria desert road, which makes transportation easier Surrounded by magnificent views and a green scenery, this area is very close to entertainment facilities, including Zed Park.

Sheikh Zayed city is divided into 17 residential districts with four neighborhoods in each district. Most prominent ones are the 1st, 5th, 10th, 11th and the 15th. This is due to the diversity of residential blocks in each district, this includes apartments and villas for middle and upper middle classes, and are relatively close to the iconic Hyper One market, which is the top destination of grocery and electronics shoppings as well as casual hangouts for Zayed residents.

Also; they are distinguished by the provision of high quality facilities such as schools, colleges and medical centers and the well-known Sheikh Zayed Specialized hospital.

In addition to that, a very prominent compound in the 16th district is Beverly Hills, developed by Sodic Developments. What makes it unique is that it is a high-end residential community with a complex of services and facilities that provide people with a modern lifestyle that comes with so much luxury, comfort and stability.

Sheikh Zayed’s Hangout Spots

Arkan Plaza
Arkan Plaza is Sheikh Zayed city’s top mini-district that comprises top-notch offices and upscale dining outlets, with a 2-floor garage. It spans from the "Mehwar" on the south to the Sheikh Zayed City axis on the north.

Capital Business Park
Developed by Dorra Group, Capital Business Park is a very special project with rising demand by the minute, due to its entertainment options and luxurious restaurants and cafes, along with a space designed for walking. It also is an administrative, commercial and medical project with a variety of facilities brought to Zayed’s residents and beyond.
It is located along the 26th of July axis, and is close to Hyper One and Arkan Plaza.

Park St.
Developed by Sky Investments, Park St. is an exclusive business and dining complex that brings together upscale retail outlets and restaurants.
Not only that, Park St. is a place where very entertaining events take place, such as New Year’s events, etc. In addition to that, it provides a one-of-its-kind nightlife experience with its iconic Sachi Restaurant that offers both indoor and outdoor dining and has an incredible Mediterranean fusion, sushi menu and cocktail list.

Americana Plaza
Mostly known for its IMax Cinemas, Americana Plaza is an open-air mall that is full of restaurants and coffee shops, some clinics, banks and a medical center. It is also known for the bazaars that take place on a monthly basis, which brings a different variety of local outlets.

It's notably one of most loved hanging spots for Generation Z.

ZED Park
ZED Park is the ultimate hanging spot for families and big groups of friends. Developed by Ora Developers, ZED Park creates an incredible environment where people can comfortably enjoy its surroundings and feel the real sense of community. Also; it is home to many notable events, such as ZED Winter Fest, and other seasonal events that gather families with a comfy look and feel that satisfies everyone.

Guezira Plaza
If you’re looking for one place to dine, work at, go to the gym and enjoy with your loved ones, Guezira Plaza is your go-to spot in Zayed. With Egypt’s top-class restaurants, you can dine, shop and work in a stress-free space.

Hyper One
Hyper One is a top destination not only for grocery shopping, but also for dining, electronics shopping, personal care, and appliances. It is a landmark to Zayed, it is one of the very first spots noticed upon arrival to Sheikh Zayed. It caters to families, and surrounding the square is a transportation spot that operates exclusively within Zayed.

Transportation Methods

Sheikh Zayed city is known for its highways and major roads, and is known for its 26th of July Axis, which extends 20 kilometers from central Cairo to the edge of Mohandessin. Currently, there is no metro in Sheikh Zayed city. Residents and people hanging out in Zayed depend on private means of transportation, including Uber, Careem, InDrive, and/or carpooling.

There is also semi-public transportation (mini-busses) that are gathered more often at Juhayna Square as a meeting point. In the future, the 6th of October Monorail Line will pass from Mohandessin to 6th of October, with a station in Hype One.

Top Services in Sheikh Zayed

Ethos International School
The British School of Egypt
Wise International School
American International School of Egypt
Green Heaven Language School
Marvel International School
El Sheikh Zayed Experimental School
Beverly Hills Deutsche Schule
Egyptian International School
Nile University
Cairo University (Faculty of Dentistry/Faculty of Engineering)

El Nada Hospital
Baheya Hospital
Global Care Hospital
Dar El Oyoun Hospital
Rofayda Maternity
Tabarak Children Hospital
ElSheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital

Shopping Malls
Galleria 40
Zayed Mall
Opera City Mall
Arkan Plaza
Capital Business Park
Hyper One
The Courtyard Zayed
Park Avenue Mall

Types of Real Estate in Sheikh Zayed

In Sheikh Zayed, house-hunting is not a long, hectic process. This is mainly because there is a complex of compounds and residential areas that match everyone’s preferences.

It includes apartments, villas, townhouses, duplexes, twin houses and penthouse.

Most Prominent Compounds in Sheikh Zayed

Westown (Sodic Developments)
Cairo Gate (Emaar Development)
ZED (Ora Developers)
The Address (Al Dorra Developments)
Royal City (Constec)
Alma (IWAN Developments)
Al Rabwa (Talaat Moustafa Group)
Palm Hills/ Casa (Palm Hills Developments)
Allegria (SODIC Real Estate Development)
Al Yasmine (Rayan Group)
Karma Residence (Badreldin Company for Development)
Legenda (Zahret Al Madaen Real Estate Investment)
Jeera (Ewan Real Estate Development)
Jewar (IWAN Developments)
Vye (Sodic Developments)
Forty West (Sodic Developments)
El Patio Zahraa (LA Vista Developments)
Zayed Dunes (Al Rabwa Group)

Recently Listed Properties in Sheikh Zayed
Properties in Sheikh Zayed